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We are a company that was established in April 2001. We serve the domestic and foreign market. We deal with refrigerated transport (Kuhltransport) and tarpaulin transport throughout Europe.

Our company is a reliable partner. The services we provide are of the highest quality.

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Our foundation is innovation.

We always try to adapt to the individual requirements and needs of the client. Thanks to the excellent knowledge of the topic, gained through many years of experience in this industry, we manage to find optimal solutions.

The foundation of our activities is innovation, which allows to keep punctuality and proper security of transported goods.

We enrich our knowledge all the time.

We work with many domestic and foreign companies. In addition, we are constantly enriching our knowledge with various types of training and courses.

Customers who decide to give us trust and entrust us with their products are the greatest satisfaction for us. Transport is not only a job for us, it is also a passion.

We are happy to undertake new challenges.

MW Express offers its services in the countries of the European Union. We specialize in: Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France. We are happy to undertake new challenges, thanks to which Europe has no limits for us!

We deal, among other things, in the transport of items at controlled temperatures from -30 ° C to + 30 ° C, pallet places 33 or 66 (Doppelstock) and ADR loads.

We have the following fleet:

Our transport fleet includes:

3 cold stores with 33 pallet spaces (Doppelstock, with 66 pallet places) along with pallet bins. They are equipped with EURO pallets and a thermograph generating temperature prints, full ADR equipment.

Tractor units that meet the European EURO 6 exhaust standard, vehicles are serviced at authorized service stations and have service contracts throughout Europe.

Other vehicles

Thanks to many years of experience in this industry and many contacts, several transport companies cooperate with us, which have vehicles from 1.5 t to 24 t: tarpaulins, kofres, and cold stores.

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Thanks to vehicle monitoring and contact with employees, we provide proven and fresh information on the entrusted goods. We also offer contact with us 7 days a week!

Working with MW Express, you save valuable time and money, and the product is under constant control.

ul. Starowiejska 1A/4
61-664 Poznań

Phone: +48 602 419721 Waldek Łuczkowski
Office: +48 61 8209270 (transport)